bizSAFE Level 3 / Star

What is bizSAFEF Level 3 / Star and How to get it

bizSAFE is a five-step programme that assists companies to build up their WSH capabilities so that they can achieve quantum improvements in safety and health standards at the workplace.

Workplaces that have achieved bizSAFE Level 3 would have their RM implementation. This is an important step towards complying with the requirements in the WSHA and its subsidiary legislation. In order to attain bizSAFE Level 3 status, your enterprise must engage an MOM-Approved WSH auditor to assess the implementation of RM in your enterprise.

Benefits of bizSAFE Level3 / Star

  • Create a safer and healthier work environment for employees
  • Increase business competitive edge
  • Gain recognition by partners and industry
  • You are able to involve in certain tender if you have bizSAFE Level 3 / Star